PS5 (Playstation PS5)

The PlayStation 5 (abbreviated as PS5), is a upcoming rumored video game console from Sony Computer Entertainment,  the successor to the PlayStation 4. Playstation series is one of the most popular series of action-adventure, open world, crime, role playing games. Sony Computer entertainment has launched PS4 on 15 November 2013 and it leads to a huge success all over the world. So now all the die hard fans of Playstation series are expecting a new adventure and excitement specs in PS5.


PS5 Concept

To be very clear in the beginning, PlayStation 5 has not been officially announced and this site is dedicated to provide all kind of news and updates about it which comes from reliable source. We’ll rejuvenate this page frequently as technology changes and grows, to give you a better idea of what to expect in the far future of the PlayStation brand. New technology is concede on a yearly basis. As new technical products and upgrading are always coming to light, visit this page time and again to stay in the loop when it comes to PS5 news. This article will give you all latest updates about PS5 which will updated regularly.

About PS5:

Ever since Sony launched the PS4, the video game console lovers have already started inquiring about PS5. PS4 sales were so huge that it became the best selling console in the UK at launch with over 250,000 consoles sales within 2 days. This numbers are enough to tell how much people love Playstation and now they have huge expectation from PS5 as compared to other console. Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida, president of Worldwide Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment has said that PS5 might have more machine power if the game creator feels. It is no doubt PS5 is going to be way-way better than PS4 specially when cloud gaming service is considered. When everyone compares PS4 with Xbox One, then we can consider the PS5 competition won’t be easy, especially when Microsoft is also trying its best in this segment.

PS5 Release Date:

Even though it’s been less then 2 year since the PS4 launched but PS5 lovers have already started asking questions like, “when is the PS5 coming out? Identifying the release date of Playstation 5 is a complex job. But perhaps looking at the cycles of past PlayStations we can predict when it will be going to come .According to the past data:

Title Release Date
PS December 3,1994
PS2 March 4,2000
PS3 November 11,2006
PS4 November 13,2013
PS5 Around November 2018 – 2020?

So as per these data if we calculate then PS5 would be released near about November 10, 2020.But it should be remember that we have seen the outstanding growth in the sale of PS4. This mania in the people about gaming inspires and motivate Sony entertainment to launch the PS5 as soon as possible before 2020. Ubisoft company CEO Yves Guillemot says “there’s certainly plenty of innovations on, and ‘revolutionary social features’, for PS4 that will keep his teams busy for some time yet”. He also stated that “We will have cloud gaming that will improve over time, for sure. And we certainly have enough novelties for a few years”.

PS5 expected features and specs:

PS5 Features

PS5 Features Concept

Colossal (ie. Bigger) and superior are the ultimate words in terms of added features and specification that are sure to make Sony PS5 stand out as compared to PS4.

  1. PS4 supports full HD gaming at 1080 pixel, but we are expecting that in the future HD video of the PS5 will be 1700pixel.
  2. PS4 includes specifications such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB3, high sensitivity dual color camera, camera 8x DVD and also available in higher frame rates at lower resolution.PS4 cross all other gaming consoles and is a world best PlayStation.So it is very interesting to see how Sony will stand out PS5 compared to PS4.
  3. bigger and better processor is also sure to be in the PlayStation 5 specs, to guarantee the gaming console is perfect for multitasking and able to offer quality graphics.
  4. Sony PS4 has only one motion ball, it will be thrilling and economical to see Sony PS5 with at least 5 motion balls with each representing the 5 dimensions of length width, 3D movement and virtual existence.
  5. PlayStation 5 is expected to roll out into the market with a 4 layered Blue Ray disc to cement its gaming dexterity. Sony PlayStation 3 and Playstation4 gaming console are currently written on 1-2 layered Blue-Ray discs
  6. For Playstation 5 to stay as the most competitive gaming console it will need to consolidate advanced type of Wi-Fi and also be able to use hard drive and flash memory.
  7. Storage capacity is another most desired and talked about feature with many gaming console. For Playstation 5 to stand out, it will have to assimilate the enormous storage capacity perfect for storing as many games as one would wish.16GB or 32 GB worth of storage is possibility as phones are able to come with up to 64GB worth of storage capacity.

PS5 Price:

Price is a very significant feature on which the demand mainly depends.The gaming fanatics must be very eager to know the price with the release of Sony PS5. Depending on the cost of production and the market prices of the challenger gaming consoles at that time PlayStation 5 launch, is sure to be more expensive as compared to PlayStation 4. This is one of the method that is generally used to show a high end product in premise of technology and features. What do you want in the PlayStation 5? please share your next-gen Sony PlayStation 5 wishlist with us in the comments below!



24 thoughts on “PS5 (Playstation PS5)

  1. the reason why I want the ps 5 is because I am a single mother in I had not brought my self any thing inn yes I want to to buy one

  2. David Abichaker

    For the playstation 5 to be able to play playstation games, playstation 2 games and playstation 3 games, and playstation 5 games with out having to download anything or pay anything extra.

  3. Hi I would really like to see the ps5 play 3d blu ray as I was very disappointed when the 4 didn’t but my 3 did cheers

  4. I like Daylen and people for a good time ps5
    Friend is named one

  5. How does Sony expect me to buy a ps5. They just released the ps4! If they release the ps5 too soon, they will oversturate the market. I might as well go back to PC with Steam. If the Stream machines take off and support a lot of modern games, Sony is done.

    • That’s not true… The Sony PS4 came out on November 13, 2013. If the PS5 is estimated to come out in 2018-2020, that would leave at LEAST a five year gap. That’s plenty of time. If you want to be a sourpuss and go hide behind your wimpy PC games, be my guest.

  6. cant wait for ps5.

  7. I want to get a ps4 bit i just dont know if i should wait and het the ps5 or ps4 can anybody help me make a decision

  8. I don’t want a ps5. Think. Ps4 is plenty good. What I want is a ps4, ps2, or a ps3. Because then ill be able to play all the games I want to, like just cause, or far cry three. Yes, I know the ps4 is a big hit. But give it time. If they launch the ps5 too soon, there will only be those stragglers like me who say screw the new, keep the old. Bam. No business for the ps4. Until people realize they should’ve stuck with the ps4. Now there are many, many extra ps5 s that no one bought. And games. BIG prophet loss.

  9. james braselton

    hi there yeah ps5 going have a 16 gb 32 gb or 64 gb flash storage with a 64 terabyte hard drive hybride with a 640 mb/s read write speeed over 150 mb/s read write speeds in todays hard drives

  10. carmon morrissette

    Ps5 download anything u wish for free

  11. I have all the consoles, I wish they were backward compatible, this way you could play all the old games that we like without having all 4 consoles hooked up. Either way you look at it, I’m gonna own the ps5.

  12. new user interface that might allow for next generation of gameplay.

  13. I want it to be not so expensive

  14. Hi I wud appreciate if da Ps5 can give us a free website were we can download classical Ps games such GTA Sanadrias fifa 2005.Formular 1. Need for speed God of war Takken 2 cricket 2005 n the capability of listernin 2 music while playin games It wud be wonderful if u can implement a memory card that is loaded with atleat a minimum of 5 different games change is inevitable nw we as customers no longer want 2 use disc any more itz abt time u turn things around we want sumthin unique so I hope this will be da 1

  15. Plz we nid a new preloaded memory card with games n free sony website in da console

  16. By 2020 I would be expecting my wife to include ps5 in her wedding accessories #Wink

  17. Joseph Steinhaus

    I can’t wait for the ps5 to come out but it was a bummer when the the ps4 didn’t have backwards compatibility. I hope the new play station and future play stations have backwards compatibility. I also love all of Sony’s hard work to make the play station so gamers like me will always have something exciting to look forward to. Thanks Sony for all your hard work and all I have to say is keep doing the great work your doing. I hope I will get to work at Sony someday to help them with future designs on game consoles, phones, computers, and tablets. It will be an exciting experience to see what Sony will do in the future.

  18. I agree it should have a 5 disc changer , more megapixals, more open world games ,the console should look of the future with a lot of LED lights on it . it should have a controller with a 8in screen on it to show you things about the games you know. I think Internet should be a option. And I really think virtuality glasses a must. I’m a huge fan from the beginning. If it play all the games that will be fine but if not I’m straight either way.

  19. how this year I would like my big brother and I to have a nice Christmas this year with are parents can’t do for us like when they were working now they both are retired so it is hard here we are lucky to have them with us so we don’t have Christmas we just spend the day with each other

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